These are some designs I'll probably put on t-shirts eventually. If you're interested in using them for shirts of your own or for other purposes, let's talk.

The images are available here in SVG, JPEG, and in a few cases PNG format. You can't see which is which because the script that creates this list is stupid and I haven't yet fixed it; just click on a filename and you should get whichever format your computer likes best. If you're nerd enough to care which format you get, simply add the relevant extension to the filename in your address bar. (2007-6-30: this is now "fixed" by always showing filetypes. Apparently I'm too lazy to think of a real solution.) If you wonder why I'm suppressing filetype information in the first place, try Vruba's explanation of content negotiation.

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darwinist.jpg21 Nov 0613.3 kb
darwinist.svg21 Nov 06186.9 kb
derived.jpg21 Nov 066.6 kb
derived.svg21 Nov 06180.3 kb
dirt.jpg21 Nov 0614 kb
dirt.svg21 Nov 06179.8 kb
normal.jpg21 Nov 0618.9 kb
normal.svg21 Nov 06238.8 kb
outgroup.jpg21 Nov 065.9 kb
outgroup.png21 Nov 065.9 kb
outgroup.svg21 Nov 06183.3 kb
rubisco.jpg21 Nov 06425.7 kb
rubisco.png21 Nov 06425.7 kb
rubisco.svg21 Nov 06680.1 kb
youlie.jpg21 Nov 064.6 kb
youlie.svg21 Nov 06179.9 kb