Sometime shortly before 1:30 AM on 6 March, 2004, I decided to close a few of the web pages I wasn't using anymore. After closing four or five of them, I realized that I still had a lot of tabs open. On counting, I found no less than twenty.

A milestone like this deserves a class portrait. As you can see, Safari very sensibly stopped making the tabs smaller and started adding them to a drop-down menu. I can't believe I used to run Mozilla on a 166 mhz machine which got noticably slower when there were more than three tabs open.

There are about three tabs mostly hidden behind the drop-down menu, but you can see the tops of them. Count them for yourself, and be amazed or unimpressed, as you prefer.

Safari with 20 tabs open

And that, kids, is one of many reasons why I do not use IE. Remember, tabs are your friends.

I gotta stop opening every page people link to in IRC, too.